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EMPIRIC - Enhancing Multimodal Platforms, Inland waterways and Railways services Integration in Central Europe

The EMPIRIC project (Enhancing Multimodal Platforms, Inland Waterways and Railways Integration in Central Europe) has been developed to support the start up and improvement of multimodal connections from/to North Adriatic Ports with Central Europe hinterland.

EMPIRIC has been conceived as an initiative to integrate and capitalize results of previous international projects and local initiatives for the promotion of multimodal transport solutions and increased interconnectivity of individual transport modes.
The EMPIRIC project is implemented through the priority 2 of CENTRAL EUROPE Programme “Improving accessibility to, and within, Central Europe“ and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Main objectives of EMPIRIC include:

  • - provision of adequate start-up conditions for the initiation of new multimodal services within the Baltic – Adriatic Corridor and related investments in order to raise the attractiveness of multimodal transport with particular attention to railway and inland waterway services;
  • - improvement of technology and policy instruments to allow transport operators and logistic services providers to develop more effective and sustainable transport solutions (including specific ICT tools);
  • - support the activation of economically viable multimodal services linking, in particular, Nord Adriatic Ports (NAPA) with the Central European regions and integrating individual modes to greener logistic chains;
  • - preparation of initial conditions for infrastructural investments to new alternative multimodal platforms and services in the programme area and evaluation of economic, social and environmental impacts of such investments.


The EMPIRIC project is led by the Venice Port Authority (Italy) and the project consortium consists of 12 partners from 7 EU Countries (Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Czech Republic).



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