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Instytut Logistyki i Magazynowania

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ŁUKASIEWICZ - Institute of Logistics and Warehousing


We develop, promote and implement innovative logistics and e-commerce solutions
in key business processes

ŁUKASIEWICZ-ILiM (ŁUKASIEWICZ - Institute of Logistics and Warehousing) is a state owned R&D unit, and Poland’s first centre of competence in logistics, e-business and standarization.
We have 50 years of experience, including successful participation in FP5, FP6, FP7, Interreg III, IV, Leonardo da Vinci, Eureka and other programs. We have a substantial national and international network of partners and contacts both in industry and academia. We co-operate on logistics matters with the Polish Ministries of: Economy, Finance, Health, Interior and Administration, Justice, Regional Development, Science and Higher Education, Transport.
We participate in projects dealing with:
  • logistics and intermodal transport
  • co-modality
  • development and promotion of best practices in logistics
  • standardization in logistics
  • environmental transport databases
  • logistics processes
  • ERA analysis in transport
  • logistics cost analysis
  • development of the national transportation system
  • intermodal transport systems
  • transport system designing and optimisation
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • optimisation of outsourcing decisions
  • supply chain management
  • tracking and tracing systems
  • identification and reduction of losses within supply chains (shrinkage)
  • optimisation of distribution networks
  • improvement of warehouse layout and operations
  • implementation of Automatic Data Capture systems
  • communication and mobility management systems
  • distance learning
  • ICT platforms as crucial architecture
  • longer term visions and research roadmaps
  • mobility services for goods
  • RFID and smart tags
We are an interdisciplinary unit where logistics is perceived as both a subject of research as well as the field of practical application. Consequently, activities carried out in the Institute embrace both organisation and technology. The Institute is the leading Polish supplier of up-to-date solutions supporting management of both materials and information flows. The Institute’s areas of competence embrace logistics and supply chain management including logistics processes, transport system designing and optimisation, intermodal transport systems, optimisation of distribution networks, etc.
Moreover, we provide solutions within e-business, IT and data communication, covering warehouse management system, implementation of EPC/RFID solutions and GS1 standards and solutions.
The ICT research activity conducted by Ł-ILIM is focused on the application of modern AIDC technologies (EPC [Electronic Product Code] / RFID [Radio Frequency Identification]) in logistics and trade between businesses, active participation in development of standards for EPC Global based supply chain solutions and last but not least design and development of complex IT platforms (e.g. Electronic Logistic Platform, National Electronic Contact Point for SMEs - one of 27 Contact Point implemented in the EU according to Service Directive).
Research activities conducted by the Institute’s Laboratory of Automatic Identification are mainly aimed at e.g. identification of goods in the process of movement of logistic units and their integration with business processes. For the purpose of this research the Laboratory’s scientific team developed a model supply chain that helps to work on model solutions for the exchange of product data between companies’ EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Systems) systems.
At present Ł-ILIM research interests are driven by the social and technological change in consumer-brand relationship (e.g. introduction of NFC payment scheme). In May 2010 Ł-ILiM produced a pilot barcode scanner Android application to study the potential of virtual services linked to the barcode (e.g. multimedia content).
We organizes also the biggest logistics event in Poland and one of the main in Europe. The most eminent representatives of the logistics world – practitioners, as well as researchers, businessmen and politicians come for three days to the capital of Wielkopolska.



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