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ECOTALE - External Costs Of Transport And Land Equalization

The reduction of the environmental, spatial and social costs caused by the transport sector are policy objectives which have been commonly assumed over the last decades. Road transport accounts for by far the greatest share of the external costs of transport. Charging transport users for these external costs might bring important socio-economic benefits, including more efficient use of vehicles, emissions reduction, use of alternative transport modes and reduced congestion.

Defining ways to have transport users paying all (or most) of the external costs of the respective transport modes is the purpose of so called internalization. At present the external costs of transport, i.e. the costs of noise, air pollution, accidents, congestion and climate change are not or just partially reflected in the existing transport prices and charges (tolls, vignette, park pricing, vehicle/fuel taxation, etc.). In a public (social and environmental) perspective, current schemes of pricing and charging appear to be too little consistent with the EU and national objectives for modal policies, spatial planning and infrastructural development. Moreover, the internalization approach followed so far seems to be mainly economic- or market-based (i.e. pricing measures).

Therefore, ECOTALE aims at outlining a wider internalization approach, involving land use and infrastructural and environmental planning as well. To foster this planning approach to transport internalization (i.e. reallocation of public resources in the context of spatial planning, infrastructural decisions and modal policies) regions and cities will be provided with guidelines and methodologies which will be specified as a result of analysis and best practices selection.
The project work includes the development of specific policy proposal for regional/local contexts within the territories of the consortium.

The summary of the ECOTALE project

Note for editors:
ECOTALE has started in January 2012 and will end in the mid of 2014. The Project is carried out by 9 partners from 7 countries. It is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme. More details can be found on

For more information pls contact:
Project Manager: Simona Tondelli
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