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iCargo - Intelligent Cargo in Efficient and Sustainable Global Logistics Operations




iCargo is a four year collaborative project funded under the European 7th Framework Program between twenty nine organizations with expertise in logistics and ICT, including commercial operators, trade associations, research organizations and public authorities.

The project will build an open affordable architecture that allows real word objects, existing systems and new applications to efficiently co-operate, enabling more cost effective and Lower CO2 logistics through improved synchronization and load factors across all transport modes. By targeting improved interoperability between different organizations’ systems and taking a cargo centric view of logistics processes the project aims at advancing and extending the use of ICT to support new logistics services that:

  • Synchronize vehicle movements and logistics operations across various modes and actors to lower CO2 emissions
  • Adapt to changing conditions through dynamic planning methods involving inteligent cargo, vehicle and infrastructure systems.
  • Combine services, resources and information from different stakeholders, taking part in an open freight management ecosystem.

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