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COMCIS - Collaborative Information Services for Container Management

The idea of the COMCIS project (7Framework Programme) is to investigate the synergies between existing e-Freight solutions. e-Freight is about building a paper free supply chain in all modes, and replace it with cheaper, faster, more accurate and reliable electronic documents. It aims to integrate solutions from previous EU projects as well as commercial developments as a set of collaborative information services that are feasible for commercial deployment.
The project will focus on real-world, practical demonstrations to show how existing systems can be brought into an 'ecosystem' in which they can exchange data. This will be demonstrated on existing cargo flows and logistics chains from ECT (Europe Container Terminals) and DHL (the world's leading logistics company) through European sea ports Antwerp and Rotterdam, and into the hinterland that is positioned within the most densely populated part of Europe with the highest concentration of purchasing power.

COMCIS aims at:

  • Demonstrating a logistics information value chain: Aggregating multiple sources of data and consolidating these into information that supports decisions and accelerates transport processes.
  • Planning to better aligning individual legs in the chain, increasing the efficiency of individual modes and their combinations.
  • Supporting customs processes in order to avoid unnecessary delay to physical process.
  • Providing web-based solutions to SMEs that are easy to use.




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