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FLAVIA - Freight and Logistics Advancement in Central/South East Europe - Validation of trade and transport processes, Implementation of improvement actions, Application of co-coordinated structures

Intermodal freight transport connections from Central Europe (CE) towards South-East European (SEEC) and Black Sea countries are insufficient but urgently needed for more and efficient import and export. A lot of potential trade partners as well as large amounts of natural resources, like oil, copper and gas, exist in the Black Sea area and beyond along the TRACEA (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia). Results of past projects showed that different problems occurred in connection with intermodal terminals, market players and cross border procedures. Therefore the idea of the proposed project FLAVIA is to establish intermodal co-operation and develop the logistic corridor from Central to South-East Europe, providing better access to markets.

FLAVIA addresses the following problems in intermodal freight transport:

  • Modal split of rail and inland waterway dropped down despite of increased volumes
  • Increasing road congestions
  • Big delays of freight trains at border crossings
  • Obsolete terminal technique
  • Mental barriers of market players against intermodal transport

The Project does not intend to develop a new “spatial planning corridor” or a specific road or rail connection. The aim is to improve intermodal cargo flows instead of the building of New infrastructure. Through the logistical approach and instruments being used (like e.g. benchmarking, accessibility analyses, running time and bottleneck analyses, implementation of quality standards) new and innovative measures for a better interconnectivity of the regions will be developed and implemented. FLAVIA will promote the idea of intermodal freight transport and encourage market actors to use it.

The FLAVIA logistic corridor project involves fourteen partners from seven countries experienced in the field of new intermodal transport services to develop trans-national action plans, concepts and suggestions.

More on the project at:

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE programme co-financed by the ERDF.



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