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Summary of the ECOTALE Project

The ECOTALE project started in 2012 with the aim of an innovative perspective on external costs of transport:

  • - to foster the planning and investment approach to transport
  • - to focus on a “preventive” and more strategic approach to internalization, improving equity and sustainability of the transport systems
  • - to integrate the traditional approach based on the “economic” internalization of external costs (i.e. pricing measures) by introducing criteria and policies considering land use and environmental planning as well.

During more than two years of cooperation, the project has provided regional and local bodies with a handy framework of knowledge and methodological hints based on previous European studies, regional modal polices and good practices. A wide selection of cases have been identified, analysed and used as the basis for a methodological reflection and for the definition of the guidelines for feasible transport costs internalisation through planning and modal policies. During the project implementation some of the good practices have been chosen by the administration bodies involved to be verified and transferred in their cities and/or regions.

The main outcomes of the project are offered to the regional and local governments and are presented in the document “Guidelines for a wider internalization practice within the transport planning and policies”. These guidelines have been prepared in order to provide a view on transport externalities and the most relevant means of internalizing the detrimental effects of transport. Together with critical summaries and policy propositions based on economic theory definitions, previous studies, methodological proposals and empirical evidences (survey on modal policies, good practices review), the final document has been completed by 12 thematic sheets, each one for a specific policy field, providing operational elements and suggestions for regional and local policies with internalization aims. The Guidelines and the 12 thematic sheets are available at

To conclude the project’s main outputs, and to share them with the wide public, especially local stakeholders and authorities, the ECOTALE Project Final Conference “External Costs as a Key Policy Issue – reference practices and feasible proposals to perform internalization within transport planning and policies” was held on 14th May 2014 in Poznań, Poland.

The event was dedicated to external costs of transport connected with environment (air pollution, climate change, natural environment) and social costs related to consistently increasing road congestion (noise, accidents). It attracted about 100 participants, representing different sectors: business, research (researchers and students) as well as local authorities, public agencies and administration, governmental bodies, by whom ECOTALE results could be implemented into practice.

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