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Ladies and Gentlemen,

the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing is a market-oriented research and development unit which functions as a competence centre in logistics and e-economy. We develop, promote and implement innovative solutions for logistics in key business processes, thus increasing the functional effectiveness of companies and complete delivery chains.

We have been active in this area for more than 35 years through research and development work, consulting services, laboratory research, training, conferences and publishing activities. Our potential stems from a team of about one hundred competent specialists representing various areas of learning. We would like to draw your attention to the wide range of consulting services offered by the Institute. Taking into account the various needs of our customers, we are always ready to undertake non-standard tasks.

The Institute assists in obtaining subsidies from, EU funds for the projects which are serviced by the Institute, as it is accredited in the area of consulting services centre of the National System of Services for the programmes aimed at small and medium businesses.

The Institute initiated the foundation of the Logistics College (Wyższa Szkoła Logistyki). We also deal with the Certification of Logistics Specialists in Poland on the Junior and Senior level as the only representatives of the European Certification Bord for logistics - ECBL. The publishing activities of the Institute serve the purpose of the popularisation of logistics and introducing innovative logistic solutions in companies. The Institute publishes the magazine LOGISTYKA, and the publication series BIBLIOTEKA LOGISTYKA (LOGISTICS LIBRARY).

We would like to invite you to become acquainted with the wide range of the Institute's activities and cooperation.
Institute of Logistics and Warehousing
dr Grzegorz Szyszka



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